Fantex product partnerships

We are actively seeking to work with commercial partners across a wide range of industries and organisations to insert Fantex into their product range, improving bacteria management. We are also granting licences to our partners.


The versatility of our Master batch allows it to be cross-pollinated into a number of different plastics. The chemical active Master batch ingredient is the main core additive for inclusion into existing and new plastic products under licence. The chemical active ingredient is the main core additive for inclusion into existing established retail and commercial products.


Fantex (Master batch chemical active ingredient):
In its liquid state, Fantex can be added to many products across multiple markets at the manufacture stage to provide innovative bacteria management.

Fantex can be added into many products such as:

  • Linen products (including workwear, sportswear and underwear)
  • Fabric conditioner, household and industrial applications
  • Antimicrobial spray for clothes
  • Hand sanitisers
  • Multi-surface cleaners
  • Animal hygiene (equine/canine/bovine) applications
  • Polishes
  • Antiviral air sanitisers
  • Absorbent spill powders


There are two ways to incorporate Fantex into such products: Either we can supply the Fantex liquid or plastic Master batch into the existing manufacturing process or we can help to manufacture the products on the customer’s behalf.